The Moon Series

June 30, 2018

as I leave the same parking spot
where we parted ways,
as I leave the same living room
where we talked and hoped and cried
as I leave the same home
where I learned to do those alone

I feel that I am leaving a little of myself
and though the landlord said to clean up
I just can’t help it

so I sit a little longer and look
but I can’t see the moon anymore
not the way I used to
it’s too cloudy here,

and I think I like that

at least until I’ve...

June 3, 2018

the moving van is

just a little too small

you see, it fits everything except

the box of your things,

the box I

shoved in the corner 

of the closet

collecting dust for fourteen moons

but now

I remove the collection

the lid,

the rug I've swept you under

(for while you cannot come along,

you cannot stay either)

and I sort through it,

for what to burn later and

what to give up now and

your box ends up outside their door and

i ring the bell for


May 10, 2018

and I’m half gone

              half stuck

              waiting for the fearful moment I

see you at the red light. 

will I need bells

to alert you to scatter

when I return?

will it be my job to

sound an alarm

place a reservation

for the town?

perhaps I won’t

and we’ll all be uncomfortable

April 30, 2018

twelve ago
I thought it was a mistake
what you were doing
I asked Jesus to change your mind
but He didn’t.
and twelve later
I am seeing why,
and twelve after this
it make sense even more
doesn’t change the loss

but as you see I’m at no loss for change
with Georgia on my mind
and tons else on my heart
no space left
although some days
I wish there was.

but still making it just fine,
making along to a new way
a new place
and I’m still praying

April 18, 2018

I can’t see you anymore

and at first, it was killing me

clouds overtook you,

Beautiful and better than I

am no longer needed in this sky

and at first I was longing

But in a new phase now I look North

and I can see many stars

their lights on a dimmer for me

I admire the seeming haphazard 

places they lay on navy

blue blankets. 

eyes and heart cracked,

I leave clouds (and you) where you lie

for the iridescent beauty,

the celestial art in a dar...

April 12, 2018

and more since the rooftop

where I asked so many questions

tried to be so sure

and thought I understood


I know much less than I thought

and so thankful I am answered for

though I lost you, dear friend

in twelve moons I’ve gained tenfold


as greater testament to Faithful One’s love

I shall not stand in this spot much longer

than three or four moons’ time

when I’ll begin seeing it from another driveway


miles from you here

and I think I pre...

March 29, 2018

just one


I step outside

You remind

me in a glimpse

white glowing from the edge 

clouds glide fast

I see the moon now, glow all around

then gone before a tear

reaches my chin I 

see Your faithfulness

all over again 

March 28, 2018

I realized I left my laptop 

in the car. 

I go to grab it

my socks hit the pavement

my skin intrudes the wet air,

I’m suddenly ten degrees

warmer, out here

in a breeze

and I look up to see

the same sky painted for me

the night you left. 

I’m sobered but not sad

for the Painter knows me

and reminds me of his


in the consistent smog of blue and gray

always over me 

March 20, 2018

head did not think

it possible

for heart to be

crushed and elated


head still learning

what heart has been

given over to

head to rest

for it cannot understand

how heart is

broken but then

so joyful for the other 

head wonders how

heart prays in

both pain

and thanksgiving

it is

only the


March 1, 2018

this is the same sky
under which tears fell
for a hundred different reasons
same sky
under which words were spoken
in twenty different seasons
You show me so much here
in the tiny glimpse of fractioned Light
a million glories displayed
same sky, different night 

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