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March 28, 2018

I have always felt

someone missing

(how funny to know the feeling 

of a person never there,

as if my body were created to 

feel them)

and even after meeting the God of the universe

the Author of my salvation

my sinful flesh longs for 

what is not there


I am saying

I’m always the odd girl out

the one without her best friend

for those I consider mine

don’t consider me theirs;

no reciprocity in love. 

and those whose company I enjoy

don’t return the feeling

and I’m simply odd

a last choice

the reliable, dependable

for if the first’s schedule is full


is it surprising to you how

I have trouble believing

He who made me loves me

wants me?

How could God delight in me

when others do not


Oh I await a prayed-for day

when I meet the other 

half which I have 

felt missing. 

or perhaps I shall look to

the Cross until I meet death

and leave loneliness hung

on a coat rack by the door,

no longer needed in the sunshine. 


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