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May 12, 2018

before life goes on, 

it appears some of it has to stop.


can't you see the end

of the track like I can?

is no one else feeling the

screeching halt?

and the closer it gets

the worse it feels


and another stop

no easier, no more prepared for

than the first

and then another

each one hurting more

each one a hair ripped out,

a scrape on a knee


and now You're telling me 

to get off

that there's some other car waiting

that I can't even see from here

and I've already made my home

on this one.

I'm a child who doesn't know

why You are taking it


"why would you walk away

from perfectly good things

a happy car train

all you've known?"

not just the whole world asks

but most of me too -

and I've no answer

except You.

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