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July 18, 2018

it's like shooting an arrow,

with no point, 

at a moving target,

or like bathing a cat,

one with all its claws,

and natural aversions to water,

or like assembling a puzzle,

one with a thousand pieces,

and some beautiful Thomas Kinkade sunset,

only to find you've nine hundred ninety-nine,

or like following the GPS for hours,

and getting lost, 

and missing the whole engagement,

or like getting there on time,

to realize you've left your wallet,

or like ordering coffee after a sleepless night,

receiving decaf by accident,

or like placing a bet on a winning horse, 

simply to lose unexpectedly, 

or like running out of gas, 

in the dark,

on the interstate,

because the meter was broken,


to love you.



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